Sue Cretarolo

I never tire of California's stunning beauty. Wandering the hills behind my home brings a sense of peace and inspiration. The tangle of vines criss-crossing the golden hills, curious scrub brush, stately oaks, and vast blue sky provide a lush palate for my imagination. Each is visually interesting in itself yet collectively, they support one another to create a larger beauty. As each season changes, presenting a new perspec-tive, I am reminded that it is much like our hope for a world where we can see things from another's perspective and come to a common understanding. I am impressed by the civility of this place and I return to my studio hoping to recreate, and share, this tapestry.             (scroll)

Using oils, cold wax, and mixed media allows me to achieve the many layers and deep patinas that reveal the rich subtleties reminiscent of this land-scape. Adding cold wax to my oil paints allows for quicker drying time and the application and scraping away subsequent layers. As I strive to capture the varied textures, hues, and interconnection of this place, I am reminded that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Clearly, there is much to learn here.